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Alarm Codes Fix for Thermo King

For the following units;

SB-III 30 SR+,SB-III 30 SR TCI-2, Super II 30 SR+Thermoguard µP IV, Super II SR TCI-2 Thermoguard

µPIV, SB-190, SB-200, SB-300, SB-400, Super II 190 ThermoguardµP VI Controller and SB-210, SB-310,SB-410 with SR-2Controller.

Alarm Codes List for Thermo King

0. No Alarms Exist
2. Evaporator Coil Sensor
3. Control Return Air Sensor
4. Control Discharge Air Sensor
5. Ambient Air Sensor
6. Coolant Temperature Sensor
7. Engine RPM Sensor
9. High Evaporator Temperature
10. High Discharge Pressure
11. Unit Controlling on Alternate Sensor
12. Sensor Shutdown
13. Sensor Check
15. Glow Plug Check/Intake Air Heater
17. Engine Failed to Crank
18. High Engine Coolant Temperature
19. Low Engine Oil Pressure
20. Engine Failed to Start
21. Cooling Cycle Check
22. Heating Cycle Check
23. Cooling Cycle Fault
24. Heating Cycle Fault
25. Alternator Check
26. Refrigeration Capacity Check
27. Motor RPM High
28. Pre-Trip Abort
29. Defrost Damper Circuit
30. Defrost Damper Stuck Closed
31. Oil Pressure Switch
32. Refrigeration Capacity Low
33. Check Engine RPM
35. Run Relay Circuit
36. Electric Motor Failed to Run
37. Engine Coolant Level
38. Electric Phase Reversed
39. Water Valve Circuit
40. High Speed Circuit
41. Check Engine Coolant Temperature
42. Unit Forced to Low Speed
43. Unit Forced to Low Speed Modulation
44. Check Fuel System
45. Hot Gas Bypass or Hot Gas Bypass Circuit
46. Check Air Flow
48. Check Belts or Clutch
50. Reset Clock
53. Economizer Valve Circuit
54. Test Mode Time-Out
55. Check Engine Speeds
61. Low Battery Voltage Check
62. Ammeter Out of Calibration Range
63. Engine Stopped – Reason Unknown
64. Pretrip Reminder
66. Low Engine Oil Level
67. Liquid Line Solenoid
70. Hourmeters Failure
71. Maintenance Hourmeter 4 Exceeds Set Time Limit
72. Maintenance Hourmeter 5 Exceeds Set Time Limit
73. Maintenance Hourmeter 6 Exceeds Set Time Limit
74. Controller Reset to Defaults
75. Internal Fault Codes
76. Internal Fault Codes
77. Internal Fault Codes
78. Internal Fault Codes
79. Data Log Overflow
80. Compressor Temperature Sensor
81. High Compressor Temperature
82. High Compressor Temperature Shutdown
83. Low Coolant Temperature
84. Restart Null
85. Forced Unit Operation
86. Discharge Pressure Sensor
87. Suction Pressure Transducer
89. Electronic Throttling Valve Circuit
90. Electric Overload
91. Electric Ready Input
92. Sensor Grades Not Set
93. Low Compressor Suction
94. Loader #1
95. Loader #2
96. Low Fuel Level
98. Fuel Level Sensor
99. High Compressor Pressure Ratio
108.     Door Open Time-Out
109.     High Discharge Pressure
111.        Unit Configuration
117.        Auto Switch to Electric
118.        Auto Switch to Diesel
121.        Liquid Injection Circuit
122.        Diesel/Electric Relay Circuit
127.        Setpoint Not Entered
128.        Engine Run Time Maintenance Reminder #1
129.        Engine Run Time Maintenance Reminder #2
130.        Electric Run Time Maintenance Reminder #1
131.        Electric Run Time Maintenance Reminder #2
132.        Total Unit Run Time Maintenance Reminder #1
133.        Total Unit Run Time Maintenance Reminder #2
134.        Power On Hours
135.        Spare Digital Inputs
136.        Spare Digital Outputs
203. Display Return Air Sensor
204.        Display Discharge Air Sensor


Alarm Codes Documents for Thermo King:    PDF Download   ,   DOC Download 

Alarm Codes Fix for Thermo King:    PDF Download

Коды ошибок ТЕРМО КИНГ: Download

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